Adepta Sororitas Tactica: Miracle Dice

AKA All About Acts Of Faith

Writers note: This is intended to be a living document. This document will be edited If/As more rules come out that change how this system works .

Adepta Sororitas (Sisters from here on out) are a really unique army in terms of army-wide special rules. The rule that makes them really stand out is their Acts of Faith. For a refresher on how Acts of Faith has changed throughout 8th please check out my other article here.

Heres a quick overview on the rule:

Performing an Act of Faith

Before making a dice roll for a model or unit from your army with the Acts of Faith ability, you can choose to use one or more of the dice from your Miracle dice pool instead. For each die that is being rolled as part of the dice roll, you can select one Miracle dice from your Miracle dice pool to be substituted in place of that dice.
The dice that it is being substituted for is not rolled, and instead, the value of the chosen Miracle dice is used as if it had been rolled. Once all Miracle dice substitutions have been made, remove the chosen Miracle dice from your Miracle dice pool, and roll any remaining, unsubstituted dice that are a part of the dice roll.

You can use Miracle dice to perform an Act of Faith for any of the following types of dice roll:

• Advance roll
• Charge roll
• Deny the Witch test
• Hit roll
• Wound roll
• Saving throw
• Damage roll
• Morale test

Official Adepta Sororitas Dice. Please don’t roll these.

Gaining Miracle Dice

Furthermore there are a few ways to get Miracle dice:

1: At the start of the turn you gain one Miracle dice so long as you have a Sisters Detachment.

2: If you take the Warlord trait “Beacon Of Faith” (and the model with that trait is on the battle field) you gain an additional Miracle dice at the start of your turn.

3: If you kill an enemy unit in a phase you gain a Miracle dice.

4: If you pass a morale check on an modified role of a 1 you gain a Miracle dice.

5: If you deny a psychic power using your “Shield Of Faith” ability you gain a Miracle dice.

6: If a Character with the Adepta Sororitas keyword dies you gain a Miracle dice.

7: At the start of the battle round you have a Sisters unit within 6″ a Battle Sanctum.

8: The “Triumph of Saint Katherine” is alive at the start of each turn and still has the “Censor of the Sacred Rose” relic active.

9: You’re playing the “Our Martyred Lady” order and a unit dies.

10: You’re playing the “Scared Rose” order and you use an Act of Faith and roll a 5+.

11: If you have an “Incensor Cherub” in your squad and you remove it from play to gain a Miracle dice. However the Miracle dice earned this way must be used on the unit the “Incensor Cherub” was a part of. Furthermore this doesn’t allow you to perform an additional Act Of Faith, it just gives you more dice to perform them with.

12: A friendly Repentia unit is destroyed.

13: Using the Stratagem (see below for more information about it) “Test Of Faith”.

What is important to note is that you can only gain one Miracle dice each phase as a result of most of these things occurring. There are two outliers though. The first are Repentia as you gain a Miracle dice each time a friendly unit of them die. The second are “Incensor Cherubs”. However in the case of “Incensor Cherubs” chances are you are not using more than one in a phase.

Things to keep in mind while gaining Miracle dice –

Always roll every morale check you have even if you can’t fail up until you either roll a “lucky” 1 or have no more moral checks to roll. A “lucky” roll of a 1 will net you an additional Miracle dice.

Useful Stratagems for gaining Miracle dice, “Test of Faith” for 1CP. If you gained a Miracle dice at as a result of rolling a 1 for morale or denying a psychic power with shield of faith, gain D3 extra Miracle dice.

Useful Relics – ‘Litanies of Faith“. Litanies of Faith allows you to re-roll a Miracle dice once per phase.

A metal dialogus.

Ways to Modify Miracle Dice

Rules there are two ways to modify miracle dice once you roll it.

The first is the Dialogus. The Dialogus allows any unit within 6 inches of her to add or subtract one from your Miracle dice.

The second is the “Triumph of Saint Katherine”. She has the same rules as the Dialogus, just in a named character.

Ways to perform more than one Act of Faith in a phase

Currently, there are two ways to perform more than one Act of Faith in a phase.

The fist is by being within 6″ of the “Triumph of Saint Katherine”. Useful for Vehicles, Jump Troops, or Characters.

The other is to purchase a simulacrum for each squad that can take them (any squad that isn’t a vehicle or jump troop can purchase one). This only allows the squad the simulcraum is in to use an additional act of faith. In theory a squad could use up to three Miracle dice a turn with the army wide one, the “Triumph of Saint Kathrine”, and a simulacrum.

Uses for each number rolled

1s: Great for morale checks or fodder for “Divine Intervention”/”Moment of Grace”. If you roll a one and have the option of re-rolling it don’t default to doing so. They have their value.

2s: Pretty useless. Always re-roll if you can. 2’s only value is fodder for “Divine Intervention”/”Moment of Grace”.

3s: Useful for making saves or combining with a 6 to make a 9″ charge. Not great but not usless. Really good for advance rolls too.

4s: Very good utility roll. Great for rolling to wound, damage or invulnerable saves on your Characters.

5s: Very good for saves on Seraphim/Zephyrim. Great for damage rolls, charge rolls, or even a long advance to get to an objective.

6s: Great roll. Use it on damage rolls, overwatch, charges, long advances, or clutch shield of faith saves on your tanks.

Best Miracle Dice Plays

1: Making an otherwise hard charge I.E. A 9″ charge out of deep strike or a 10″+ charge elsewhere on the board.

2: Making a clutch 6+ invulnerable save.

3: Hitting with a melta in overwatch.

4: Passing a morale check on a key unit.

5: Failing morale on a key unit.

6: Passing a key save.

7: Failing a key save (so you can’t be wrapped).

8: Maxing damage on an Exorcist or Melta damage roll.

Useful Stratagems

1: “Divine Intervention” – 2CP. When a character (other than named ones) dies spend 1-3 Miracle dice. Be that character back with X wounds left where x is the amount of Miracle dice spent. A good use for those extra 2/3s you roll.

2: “Moment of Grace” 1CP. Use this after rolling a hit, wound, or saving throw. Spend up to 3 Miracle dice. For each Miracle dice spent increase the value of the hit, wound, or saving throw by 1. Once again a good use for those 2/3’s you roll.

3: “Test of Faith” – 1CP. When you roll a 1 for a moral check or deny a psychic power with shield of faith gain d3 extra Miracle dice. Not something you will reliably use (or even have the option of using) but in a pinch it’s useful. official Miracle Dice tray with official Games Workshop Miracle dice.

Useful Tips

If you think you are going to want to use a Miracle dice for a roll you should almost always roll one at time. The only times you shouldn’t are for when you 100% know you are going to use a Miracle dice. If so, use that first then roll the rest of the dice, if applicable.

Don’t be afraid to combine “Moment of Grace” and Miracle dice. If you have the Miracle dice to spare those spare 3s you have laying around can become 6s to make some clutch saves on tank. Very few people will see that coming.

Come up with a good, clear, an easy way to keep track of your Miracle dice and what you’ve rolled. Some people use pen and paper.

I really like this:

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