GDFC Podcast Episode 6: How To Go Over And (Down) Under In The New Eternal War Missions For 40k 9th Edition

GDFC is joined by a very special guest, Dineeth Liyanagama, from The Normal Blokes Podcast. If you haven’t had the privilege of giving them a listen, I highly recommend you do so. They are an excellent group of Australian gamers and share all of the same ideals we hold dear at GDFC.

Episode 6 arrives just in time to help you with the launch of 40k 9th edition! The gang tackles the Eternal War strike force missions and how we intend to pilot our lists and armies to victory. We focus on the missions from a birds-eye view covering the general strategies we think you will need to consider to be successful in the new edition.

Show Notes

2:05 Introductions and our earliest 40k memories
6:35 Tackling the Eternal War Primary mission
9:35 Redefining conservative and patient play
10:50 Finding mobility and durability within your armies
16:00 Assault and counter-assault units and their importance
21:50 Balancing assault and shooting
24:20 Utilizing hordes
28:00 Covering your Secondary
33:25 Taking the first turn vs going second
35:20 Generalizing army structure
37:50 Gaining and denying victory points and evaluating unit worth
41:25 The importance of experimentation
47:10 Test lists we are working on

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Music: Orochi – Prod. By