GDFC Podcast #3: The Mindful 40K Player and 9th Edition

This week’s podcast features the gang’s impressions of the latest rules reveals for 9th edition: character targeting, overwatch, and charging, oh my! We also start to dissect the complete 40k player and all the different aspects involved in this hobby we all love to share. We outline some of the major aspects as well as highlight the importance of forming connections between them. 

Show Notes

01:00 Introductions and Bmoy’s Digs dinosaurs
04:00 9th edition rules preview summary
04:55 Look out, Sir! New rules inbound!
06:50 Chaaaaaaaaaaaarge!
08:20 Who’s up first?
12:20 Concepts maps and the 40k player: show overview
13:30 Pregame knowledge
16:40 In-game decision making
17:50 Player health
20:25 Sportsmanship
22:55 Hobby
26:50 Making connections
27:10 Bringing it all together: in-game decision making
34:55 Bringing it all together: list writing
39:38 Learning from each other
42:15 Closing Thoughts: more to come in the future!

Concept Mapping

We needed a good model to represent our thought process in breaking down a 40k player into concepts, so we turned to concept mapping.

If you aren’t sure of what a concept map is or how to make one check this site out! I promise they do a great job of explaining it.  I would challenge you all to make your own maps! What are the elements involved in the “Complete 40k player”?

Several members each made one of their own before analyzing each other and eventually combining them to the one below. 

Did we miss anything?
Is there something on our map you were surprised to see?
Is there one area you tend to specialize in the most?
Is there one area you want to learn more about?

Let us know in the comments below!

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