GDFC Podcast Episode #1: A Brave New Edition

GDFC’s Brian Tabata, Brian Moy, and Dustin Quebedeaux discuss the big news surrounding the recently announced 9th Edition of Warhammer 40k. The Filthy Casuals take a deep dive into what has been revealed so far and what it may mean for the direction of Warhammer 40,000.

Show Notes:

0:45 – Our favorite armies and what we enjoy the most about the hobby
3:30 – Overview of 9th edition news
4:20 – Looking at the Command Phase: turn structure and discussing objectives
8:20 – Listening to player feedback and pulling from different game systems
10:40 – Changes to detachments and command points: opening up more unit diversity
15:15 – The importance of troops
17:45 – Map size: shifting game balance mid and late game
23:20 – Universal Point Increases: Making the game play better
29:55 – “I am Kroot!”
30:15 – What to do in preparation of a new edition: having fun with 8th, hobbying, and building
skills with other game systems

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