GDFC Podcast 4:  FACTION FOCUS Adeptus Custodes  with Darren Tse from CanHammer

In this edition of GDFC Podcast Faction Focus: Adeptus Custodes, we discuss the new rules for Custodes in GW’s latest Warhammer 40k Psychic Awakening release, War of the Spider with Darren Tse from CanHammer.

Darren and the GDFC team talk about Custodes as we look ahead towards 9th edition and how they will perform on the battlefield.

Show Notes

01:00 Introductions and importing skills
02:17 Initiation into the Ten Thousand
03:50 Mishaps with Grey Knights
06:50 Analyzing new rules
08:35 Custodes throughout 8th edition
11:15 Theoryhammering vs. actual Warhammering
12:40 Overcoming our weakness
16:20 Shield Hosts
24:30 Oh Captain, my Captain-Commander
40:45 Premature list-building with an eagle eye towards 9th
45:55 I like to move it move it
50:30 Advice for new Custodes players
51:25 Closing thoughts and CanHammer Info

What are your thoughts on the new Custodes rules as we head into 9th edition? How will you be playing them?

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