GDFC Podcast Episode 10: 50 Shades of Grey Knights

The Filthy Casuals are joined by GDFC member Joe Aronow and break down the black, the white, and the fifty shades of Grey Knights for Games Workshop’s latest Codex: Grey Knights release.

Show notes:
00:40 Intros
04:00 First Impressions
09:04 Strengths
21:30 Weaknesses
27:15 Army Wide Rules and Changes, The Aegis, Tides
37:24 Brotherhoods
51:35 Wisdoms, Visions, and Gifts Oh My
58:23 Stratagems
1:11:20 Psychic Powers
1:23:40 Secondaries
1:35:59 Relics
1:41:24 Warlord Traits
1:48:15 Playtesting, Game Script, Win Themes, and Battle Plans
2:13:45 Advice for GK players Old and New

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Music: Orochi – Prod. By