Warhammer 40k 9th edition: The Filthy Casuals’ Reactions

The 9th edition news has hit us about as hard as the Intercessor Sergeant hit those Necrons in the reveal trailer. Without a lot of hard facts and details it its hard to say exactly what 9th edition will be at this point, but we are excited about everything GW has revealed to us so far!

For many of us, this is one of many transitions between editions and for others, the first time we will experience the limbo between one edition to the next.

We asked a few of the Filthy Casuals to contribute their initial impressions and reactions by answering the following questions below:

Question 1: What about 9th edition are you the most excited for?
Question 2: What will you be working on leading up to 9th edition?

Brian “Octotako” T.
  • Question 1: What about 9th edition are you most excited for?
    I could not be more thrilled for 9th. All the changes have outlined a direction I have been hoping for, but if I had to pick 1, the changes to CP have me the most excited. I think it will open a lot of interesting list options and the skill of CP management will start straight from the get-go at list building.

    I am also very excited to hear about terrain rules, max shot blast weapons vs hordes, and tanks shooting in combat (yes even as a melee player). I think this is a step towards making more things more useful across all kinds of scenarios. Units that had niche roles or limited usefulness in certain matchups suddenly become much more effective across the board. This eliminates the big disparity of the haves/have nots (I’m looking at you fly keyword) and will help promote diversity in unit selection. I have high hopes that combining this with the new terrain rules will place a higher emphasis on how you utilize what you bring to the table, rather than what you decided to bring. 
  • Question 2: What will you be working on leading up to 9th edition?
    A new edition looming over your head is a great excuse to get some of your favorite units on the table. There’s no need to continue honing your tournament list as so much will be changing in the near future. I plan to maximize the fun I have with the models that have been sitting on the shelf for too long (throwing a glance at my Reivers and Repulsors). 

    I am also seizing the opportunity to do some conversion work. The new Assault Intercessors and Bladeguard Veterans are a Space Wolf player’s dream. GW has returned to a very gothic theme, so my work is cut out for me if I am to convert them into some imposing space Vikings. I will be digging through my bits and doing a few mock-ups. I have also done a 180 on my harlequins and decided to go back and do non-metallic metals as well as ocean bases for them all so that will be plenty to keep me busy. 
  1. Question 1: What about 9th edition are you most excited for?
    The anticipation of a new edition! One of my favorite aspects of this edition of 40k has been how frequently the meta has shifted based on GW’s continued efforts to “patch” the game. I’ve been playing 40k since 2nd edition using eft hacks , and the evolving meta is something that’s been quite unique to 8th compared to past editions of the game, where this evolution happened much slower based on new releases or the inevitable new edition of 40k.

    A new edition of 40k is extremely exciting, especially because GW has been taking considerable input from the community to focus on providing the best gaming experience possible. So to answer the question: 
    • 1. I’m MOST excited about a fresh start and the ability to hit the reset button on the meta. This will allow for different units, builds, combos, and cool models to be useful on the tabletop that may not have seen as much playtime in the past. Especially with revamping detachment requires and how the CP system works. GW has done an incredible job of continuing to improve 8th and I’m confident this next edition will be the best version of the game yet! 
    • 2. Also, SUPER excited about terrain rules and how that impacts the game.
    • 3. I’m VERY excited for continued model range updates and releases … fingers crossed for updated Aspect Warriors …
  2. Question 2: What will you be working on leading up to 9th edition?
    I’ve historically been a Craftworld Eldar player since 2nd edition (a little bit of Grey Knights and Harlequins in 5th), and only in 8th edition did I really start to branch out to other armies like Drukhari, Custodes, and added to my Grey Knights and Harlequins forces. I will be working on adding to my collection across the board to have a plethora of options to choose from when the new edition of 40k is released.

    As far as what I will be working on in terms of actual gameplay, there are certain elements of the game that are consistent across the editions: focus on movement, target priority, order of operations, continuing to improve as a gaming partner with my communication and trying to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience possible. Additionally, since we are using the same Codex books moving into 9th, many of the stratagems and combos will still be around – so trying to perfect those as much as possible can only help me grow as a Filthy Casual gamer! 
From hero to zero, 9th edition offers the promise that my beloved Ynnari may be more than just a casually fun army to field on the tabletop
Nick “ChicagoCowboy” P.
  • Question 1: What about 9th edition are you most excited for?
    What has me most excited about 9th isn’t what we heard vaguely about the rules (though my knights are chomping at the bit to be able to finally deal with hordes effectively from range). 

    Rather, I’m most excited about the growth GW is showing as a company and the focus they are putting on the competitive community and universality of mission format. Having hired one of the best Tournament Organizers in the US and possibly the world shows they are committed to engaging with the competitive community and supporting them with better-designed missions, terrain rules, and organized events that are not dependent on any 3rd party to manage. 
  • That, and the talk of the new 40k app on stream has me geeked. Digital rules with the purchase of a physical book (I’m old, I like the feel of a book and the look of a shelf of ’em); army building similar to Azyr (a phenomenal tool that any AOS player ought to be familiar with); and there was talk of similar functionality to the AoS app to showcase datasheets as well. If the app can combine Wahapedia, BattleScribe, and my iBooks digital library of codexes into a single platform I’m sold!

    Question 2: What will you be working on leading up to 9th edition?
    I’d be remiss not to mention the outstanding Necron models shown on stream and in the days since. As a long time Necron player, seeing some fresh takes on the army for the first time since 5th edition is very welcome – while I was hoping for plastic Flayed Ones, I’ll settle for a new Monolith, new Warriors, new Heavy Destroyers, 3 or 4 new characters, a new C’tan model (the void dragon???) and, I guess…the freaking silent king himself praise the Triarch. 

    I’ve also been collecting White Scars since the codex dropped last summer, and the announcement of Chainsword Intercessors and Primaris bikes (finally!) has me very excited to expand that force. 

    Being that the new starter set is Necrons vs Space Marines, I’m in a good spot – but before I pick up 2 (or 3…) of the starter I need to finish painting what I’ve already got!

    So I’m furiously painting away during quarantine to finish my Novokh dynasty (20 Flayed Ones, a Ghost Ark, 3 Wraiths, 4 Tomb Blades, and a Night Scythe away) and my White Scars (10 Centurions, 20 Intercessors, 10 Scouts away – though they’re 90% painted, just need metallics and decals!) so I can be solely focused on the new kits when they arrive! 
Dustin “Da Warboss” Q.
  1. Question 1: What about 9th edition are you most excited for?
    As an Ork player, the hints we’ve heard about the new “blast” weapon type is admittedly rather deflating, especially as hordes already felt rather easy to mow down at the end of 8th edition. The demise of the “bad touch” on tanks I think will be the more impactful change, however, forcing Ork players to double-down on the heavy ranged dakka that was already overtaking almost all of our competitive lists.

    Nonetheless, of the known changes already announced, the most exciting is alterations to force compositions. Fielding 30, 60, maybe even 90 Grots in a list that have no offensive value rarely feels very “Orky,” and the prospect of being able to more easily access the CP we need in order to have a chance at keeping up with Space Marines is uplifting. Consider that cutting out the 60 Grots usually taken to afford two additional CP battalions gives you the points (at least as of right now) to instead field another 25 Ork Boyz, 20 Stormboyz, 5.5 Smasha Mek Gunz or 6 Killa Kans.  The changes to aircraft flight pattern is another piece I’m keeping my eye on. Unlike Imperium vessels that can switch to hover or Eldar flyers that can turn on a dime, our poor rokkit-strapped Dakkajets have a tendency to fly straight off the board. Burna-bommers have come into vogue with Saga of the Beast and I’m intrigued to see how it changes our flyer viability. 
  2. Question 2: What will you be working on leading up to 9th edition?
    For every warboss, the biggest question mark on 9th Edition is “how has melee changed?” For Orks, it’s a big, fundamental question that can completely swing our list construction, so it’s really hard to start conceptualizing new lists. We know Forgeworld datasheets and points are going to be updated soon, and for me that is very, very exciting. Orks have some wild, fun and incredible models in the Forgeworld line, but we rarely see them in action due to their poor rules. Presently I’m working on another Grot Mega Tank (with *seven* Kustom Mega Blastas, naturally) and touching up my regular mini Grot Tanks. Saga of the Beast was very kind to our gretchin friends and I’m hoping to find an opportunity to bring out my rolling scrap-piles to my first game of 9th Edition.
Eric “Doubleback” O.
  1. Question 1: What about 9th edition are you most excited for?
    Everything looks exciting, but as a big Death Guard fan the ability for vehicles to shoot in combat completely changes how scary our vehicles are. Suddenly a PBC armed with 2 Spitters and a mortar is a hard to stop a threat that has to be dealt with. An added bonus, as one of the few armies in the game that actually likes to be charged, the increasing melee focus will play to the Death Guard’s strength. This could be what pushes DG back into a competitive tier. 

    Question 2: What will you be working on leading up to 9th edition?
  2. I’m the world’s slowest painter, so this is a great opportunity to finally paint an ever-increasing backlog of models and get my armies to a place visually that I’m happy with.
Max “Maximum Otter” Y.
  1. Question 1: What about 9th edition are you most excited for?
    I am excited for the new vehicle, terrain, and CP rules. All three areas need improvement. Vehicle fragility is an issue for all the units without invulnerable saves and being gated by infantry just makes them feel even more separated from how they are represented in the lore and their destructive power. It also leads to lower list variety as players avoid them due to their rule limitations and their ability to be quickly shot off the board. CP batteries are already such a staple forcing soup or unit taxes that create routine army list building blocks that in my opinion heavily impact list creativity. Lastly, terrain rules need an overhaul as the battlefield may look beautiful but doesn’t feel as alive or impactful as it could be or has been in other editions. Ruins, forests, and buildings have lost some of their charm and feel very generic under the current rules regime. I would love to return to a feeling that occupying buildings, hiding in shattered citadels, navigating the ruined streets, and crossing through the man-eating forest is a real tactical maneuver with benefits and risks.

    Question 2: What will you be working on leading up to 9th edition?
  2. I am a notoriously slow painter and will continue to try and bring my Chaos Legions project to fruition. I have a large backlog of Chaos models to turn into the various Legions to use in games or an Apocalyptic band of Traitors working in concert. I’m starting with creating a Black Legion warband and then onto an Iron Warriors band with a Daemon Engine core and after that who knows…maybe a Word Bearers Possessed and summoning fluff warband
Closing Thoughts

What has you the most excited? What will you be working on until the release of 9th? We would love to hear your thoughts so please leave us a comment down below. We hope to resume our video content as soon as we can, but for now, we’re doing our part to promote social distancing and keeping our communities, families, and loved ones healthy.

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