Grim Dark Filthy Casual Army Showcase

With the cancellation of Adepticon and people worldwide going into isolation and practicing social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Grim Dark Filthy Casuals wanted to take a moment to remind you all to look after your health and the health of your community. If you want to know more about how these proactive measures are helping others, this is a great article to start with.

That being said, with the modern era, we still have the capability to share some of the greatest aspects of this hobby with one another.

Image result for what a time to be alive jasper

My favorite part of Adepticon last year was walking around and admiring all of the artistic skill and creativity that you all bring to this hobby. There were Stormboy’z modeled with red balloons instead of jet packs, an entire cliff face covered in snow, master crafted shorelines with realistic resin waves, and probably the most disgusting Nurgle army I have ever seen.

If any of the armies pictured above belong to you, please comment below or on our social media platforms.

GDFC would like you to join us in celebrating the hobby that we all love, by sharing your armies with us.

How to Enter
  1. Post a photo(s) that best showcases the army you would have brought to Adepticon on Instagram, and tag us at #gdfcshowcase no later than 11:59 PM on March 29th.
  2. Follow us on Instagram at @grimdarkfilthycasuals
  3. Get ready to vote!

Thats right! We will be taking the featured submissions and they will be voted on by all of you! The top 3 winners will receive a set of GDFC objective markers hot off the press.

Nab those objectives quick!

We really look forward to seeing and showcasing all the love and effort you have put into your armies! In the meantime, stock up on some models or giftcards to support your FLGS, and get in some quality hobby time during your social distancing!

Well see you out there on the battlefield (virtually)!