GDFC Podcast #5: Living Your Best 40k Life

The GDFC members sit down to discuss how they work on improving as a 40k player. These will be critical skills to keep up with the evolving game as we move into 9th edition. We go through how to dissect your performance in a post-game analysis, recognize key moments and turning points in your match, better-evaluating scenarios, and outcomes, and setting smart goals to help you go super-Saiyan. 

Show Notes

02:30 Show overview and discussing
09:10 How to conduct a post-game analysis
15:40 Identifying the turning point in a match
20:20 Realistic expectations
23:10 Dissecting plays to earlier decisions in the game
29:25 Understanding a unit’s capabilities
34:10 Setting SMART goals to improve
36:40 Finding your Vegeta
38:15 CP management
39:30 Pushing your limits (SMART goal example)
41:00 Answering GDFC community questions!

Be sure to check out the latest 9th edition battle report where you can check out Dustin’s amazing dice rolling skills!

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Music: Orochi – Prod. By