GDFC’s Adepticon Prep Tournament – Feb 12!

Greetings fellow wargamers! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve decided to plan a whole new event for all our lovely Warhammer 40,000 generals!

Adepticon’s 40K Championship event is the largest 40K event of the year in the Midwest, and a long weekend that players far and wide prepare for all year! Our event will offer a chance for local competitors to hone their skills in preparation for the Midwest’s greatest super major!

Rules will follow the Adepticon format, which we presently presume will follow the Chapter Approved GT 2022 ruleset. For more information and the GDFC tournament rules packet, click here:

GDFC Adepticon Primer Mission Packet

Please note: Proof of vaccination will be required at the time of list submissions

Taking place at Mount Prospect’s famed wargaming hub, Games Plus, you can RSVP for this tournament, mark your calendars for SUNDAY, JANUARY 16th, NOON! Tickets will go on sell and the last two events sold out in just a few hours! If you can’t secure a spot, make sure to join the waitlist for a future chance at entry!

GDFC’s Heartbreakers Warhammer 40K Adepticon Primer Tournament Registration

If you’re not already a member of the GDFC Discord, join today and discuss this event and all things wargaming with the finest collection of generals in the Midwest!

Also, check us out on the latest battle report over at MWG!