About Lisa Quebedeaux

I was born and raised in a semi-rural area of Texas along the Louisiana border in Cajun country, coming to Chicago for college and work 20 years ago. I spent several years abroad in the People’s Republic of China as a teacher before returning to the United States as a nonprofit administrator. Presently I manage fundraising for the largest nonprofit provider of housing counseling in the State of Illinois. Like many other GDFC contributors, I’m a parent of two young kids (an infant and toddler). My home base for war-gaming is the Chicagoland Dice Dojo were I organize many community events and tournaments, but have my own at-home practice space in my attic.

How did you get involved with Warhammer 40K?

As a lifetime RTS player and model painter, I was thrilled to jump into Warhammer 40K with the launch of 8th Edition alongside four other close friends. Like so many, this edition has fully sucked me into the warp and now I can proudly look at a collection of Orks that include over 400 Boyz ready to duff it up!  Although I’ve pursued a pretty successful tournament scene push in 40K, I still have a strong connection with secondary games that preceded my entrance in the hobby, such as Blood Bowl, Warhammer Underworlds, and Warhammer Fantasy.

What is your main faction?

With almost 15,000 points worth of Orks in my collection (and another 8000 in AoS goblins!) you can say I have a fondness for the greenskins. The horde mechanics of Orks appealed to my long-standing preference for horde-style play in RTS games.  Every year however, I take on the hobby challenge of preparing 1000 points of a new army for Adepticon, leaving me with an eclectic collection of Ventrillian Nobles Imperial Guard, Alpha Legion Chaos, and Ravenwing Marines. In Age of Sigmar I main Gloomspite Gitz (naturally), and in Warhammer Underworlds I presently favor Skaeth’s Wild Hunt.

What is your favorite “fluff” faction?

Its hard to top the fun loving mentality of Space Orks and their scrappy, conniving gretchin, but for the sake of mixing it up, I’ll admit that I have a very soft spot for the Rogue Traders. My Imperial Guardsmen are themed after a brigade of Ventrillians contracted to a daring space pirate-like Rogue Trader band. Being able to implement a little of the flair of Fantasy into the grimdark world is always a fun hobby project.

What do you enjoy most about the game of Warhammer 40K?

War-gaming is a powerful hobby that creates incredible links of camaraderie between people you have just met, or strengthens the bonds between life-long friends.  I encourage every 40K player to seek out events, tournaments and conventions to experience the incredible feeling of being surrounded by dozens or hundreds of like-minded individuals that have a shared love and passion. Being able to mentally test each other, grow in skill together, yet end with a shared spirit of mutual joy from the game I believe is a core aim of the contributors you’ll find on this website.