GDFC Podcast #7: Talking 9th with the Tabletop Titans

Special Guinness Book of World Record-breaking edition of the GDFC Podcast, as we set the record for most Brians in a podcast with the Tabletop Titans crew. Brian, Adrian, and Bridger join Brian, Brian, and Dustin to talk about where we’re at with 9th edition of Warhammer 40k.

Show Notes

01:00 Introducing the Titans
01:40 Favorite aspects of 40K
05:15 Favorite armies
12:10 Reasons for collecting/playing an army
13:50 STRENGTH FROM DEATH!!!!! and unpacking the Ynnari vs. Iron Hands batrep
16:08 Play. The. Mission.
18:30 How missions impact list building
25:15 Picking on Bridger. Takeaways from the Custodes vs Space Wolves batrep
29:50 Terrain in 9th edition
37:30 What to do with struggling armies in 9th
43:26 Thoughts on playing multiple armies vs focusing on single armies
47:30 Collaboration in competitive 40k
51:32 Tabletop Titans Tournament Series!!
55:50 Question and Answers with the Titans

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Music: Orochi – Prod. By