GDFC Podcast #8: FAQs and Errata

In our first podcast of 2021, the Filthy Casuals reconvene after a Covid-induced hiatus to provide our thoughts on the GW’s latest FAQs, errata, and updated points. 

Show Notes 

00:19 Reintroducing the Filthy Casuals
10:20 Core Rules / Rare Rules
24:20 GT Mission Pack
45:28 Orks
48:07 Drukhari Horde meta
54:01 Necrons
59:30 Custodes
1:01:24 Tyranids
1:02:55 Craftworld
1:05:18 Harlequins
1:18:05 Chaos
1:19:35 Astra Militarum
1:21:21 Grey Knights
1:23:50 Discord Member Q&A

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Music: Orochi – Prod. By