GDFC 2021 New Year Paint Competition Winner Andy Bagdady’s Be’lakor

2021 has been one heck of a year! The hobby aspect of Warhammer 40K is such a critically important facet of 40K and our Chicagoland community is spoiled with some incredible artists who encourage and help others level up their hobby game.

The Filthy Casuals had an incredible year of hobbying and the winner of GDFC’s 2021 New Year Paint Competition goes to Andy Bagdady (IG: @fragdady) and his beautifully painted Be’lakor and Khorne Daemons army! Runner up props to Geoff Wilmington (@vWilmo on twitter)

Andy Bagdaddy’s Be’lakor

Andy’s been collecting Warhammer minis of all varieties since he was a child so wargaming has always been a big part of his life. When the new Be’lakor model was first previewed he knew it needed to be added to his Khorne Daemon force, the Infernal Legion. His army’s scheme mostly focuses on adding overlapping layers of paint by drybrushing to build up color from different sources on the models, and topping it off with the Casandora Yellow shade to help blend everything together and really make things pop. Andy encourages any hobbyist from junior to professional to try out this technique as it’s very rewarding, isn’t too complex and can easily be converted for any scheme. Check out his account Fragdady on Instagram to see some of Andy’s other work including his current project: a mechanized Ork list with 18 walkers!

Geoff Wilmington’s Kraken Eater Mega-Gargant

Check out Geoff’s Kraken Eater Mega-Gargant too! What a think of beauty!

Both Andy and Geoff won a set of GDFC objective markers for their beautiful armies to stomp about and claim for their own.

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