Updated Combat Calculator: Master Artisans/Expert Crafters
Now with Master Artisans!

Master Artisans, so hot right now! So hot, in fact, I have incorporated the ability into the combat calculator featured here.

Be sure to read through that if you need instructions on the general use of the calculator itself.

For those of you initiated in its use, this will hopefully be the Bane of your opponent’s existence. You will find a new tab at the bottom labeled “Experimental Attack Spread”. In the input section you will see a new option titled “Expert Crafters”. If your unit has the ability to re-roll 1 hit and 1 wound when chosen to shoot/fight simply put a “1” in the associated box, and a “0” if it does not.

Still Under Development

It is still a work in progress, so please let me know if you find any errors. That being said, I must inform you that the calculator does slightly over-calulate the benefit of Expert Crafters when combined with normal reroll auras.

This is because the calculator does not distinguish the case in which normal reroll auras will allow you to reroll all of your failed misses.

The good news is that even at its worst, for example being able to reroll all hits and wounds and having expert crafters, the maximum error is only ever one extra success. So please keep this in mind when trying to understand the spread of calculating your Salamanders hit rate in the presence of a Chapter Master.

The calculator should still be useful as most of the time people are using the ability so the units can operate independently of re-rolls.

If you are eager to get calculating, grab a copy of it here. I hope its a useful tool for you all and please send any feedback my way! What features would you like me to try and add next?

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